5 Best Office Chairs Under $100 | Top Picks Of 2021

Possessing a good comfy office chair can make all of the difference if you need to conduct each day’s work. If you have to pull up a very long trip to work you do not wish to get distracted with no unnecessary discomfort. Your workplace chair also has a project to complete and needs to complete it well.

And the good news is this comfortable office chairs do not need to be expensive. You are able to get a few great ones for under $100.

Below, we’ve handpicked our set of the very best office chairs for under $100, each having a good mixture of styling, comfort, and ergonomic support at the pricepoint.

Next, we’ve also received a handy buying guide for you that touches on everything you might desire to consider before you purchase.

5 Best Office Chairs Under $100 | Top Picks

Best Office Chairs Under $100Check Price
1. Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft Chair Check Price
2. Furmax Ribbed Office Desk Chair Check Price
3. ComHoma Desk Chair Check Price
4. Drafting Ergonomic Tall Office Chair Check Price
5. Furmax Office Chair Check Price

1. Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft Chair

Best Office Chairs For Under $100

This really is an excellent office chair from AmazonBasics that comes from less than 100 marks. It is rather smart and smart, with a look that is somehow both conventional and modern. Both the seat and the seat rear are cushioned for real relaxation and have wear-resistant black bonded leather upholstery that’s very easy to clean.

It is possible to adjust the seat in quite a few distinct ways. As an example, lowering or raising the seat easily with simple and smooth pneumatic controls. Plus, you can even tilt the chair backward or forward, and you can place it to rock back and forth if you needed to, or even lock it into place so that it will not rock whatsoever.

It’s as sturdy and solid as it looks, in a position to take a maximum weight of 275 pounds. We like it has 5 double wheel castors which let you slip all of the ways from the laptop to the printer. It also includes padded armrests which in our opinion are perfectly positioned. It’s available in 3 colors, traditional black, conventional brown, or standout white, and it also includes a complete season’s warranty to boot.

2. Furmax Ribbed Office Desk Chair

This is a very smart looking office chair with a ribbed faux leather style that will look just as good in an executive office or a home business office. Very upscale.

What we love about it, aside from the wise appearance, is that the chair has been upgraded to be padded to a full 3.15 inches thick, and which is exactly what you need for daily comfort. And for the ultimate in luxury, the chair adjusts to full 120 degrees, letting you narrow straight back without fear of leaning the seat over.

The covering is just a high excellent PU leather that’s very wear-resistant, and that will be essential, and also happens to be waterproof, which is great when it will get a bit hot in the office in the summertime.

It’s a maximum weight capacity of 280 pounds that can be 20 rock, so it can accommodate most people. It’s also very stable and supportive, thanks to the 5 pointed celebrity feet.

It’s about 5 smooth wheels which easily glide across smooth surfaces, and also glide quite well on carpet too. In addition, it swivels a complete 360 degrees that’s great when you need to speak to someone else at the office. Should they are nearby you won’t need to get out of your own seat?

If someone occupies your chair as you are away from the desk, it is easy to get the seat straight back how you prefer it, thanks to its flexible seat elevation.

It’s offered in 5 distinct colors, including traditional black, brownish, charcoal gray, brassy white, or striking red.

3. ComHoma Desk Chair

Best Office Chairs For Under $100

This amazing little office chair from ComHoma will come from below the 100 limits and it has a really modern appearance.

It features high density foam padding for great support and comfort. Additionally, it is designed to match your natural body curve absolutely, together with extra support for your lower back. Both the chair and the seat are covered with a breathable mesh to keep you from getting sweaty or sticky.

Additionally, it is quite stable and inviting, as a result of the strong durable base and 5 pointed celebrity feet, and with its 5 smooth wheels it’s going to easily slip over smooth surfaces, and additionally glide quite well on carpeting too. In addition, it swivels a full 360 degrees, so in most, you get great maneuverability.

This net task chair a has pneumatic seat height adjustment, which allows you to lift or lower the chair up to 9cm, which means you are bound to get the perfect chair height for your individual desk or table.

We like the chair can be tilted slightly backward, so whenever you want to have a pause from work, as a result of this tilt-tension knob underneath the chair. And even better, there is also a rock function for when additional relaxation is required.

We also love the arm rests, not just as they are padded, which will be great, but also because you can reverse up them when they are on the right path. Because sometimes having an arm rest set up can prevent you from tucking the chair under the desk or table. It’s available in either gray or black, both of which can be nice, but we like the shameful one most useful.

4. Drafting Ergonomic Tall Office Chair

Best Office Chairs Under $100

This can be a somewhat small drafting style office seat from BestOffice. Much like almost any sports seat, it’s really relatively tall and isn’t meant for usage with notables, but instead of moderate and high desks and tables. Nonetheless, it isn’t stuck in one elevation and the height is flexible.

So if compared with its intended usage, it’s amazing because there exists a totally situated foot remainder comprised for the own feet. That really is fantastic for briefer those who sometimes find their feet do not touch the floor after seated at a dining table. And yet that this footrest is flexible.

But that is only one comfort feature, in addition, you receive yourself a top density sponge pillow for the chair, that will be covered in easy to clean PU leather.

What’s more, the entire chair design is actually ergonomic, with a human body showcasing a curve that matches your buttocks perfectly, to get appropriate body posture and sitting texture. Including providing aid around your thoracic area, where you require it. And yet this lumbar service can be simple to correct as you see fit. The chair back is consists of a breathable net.

This seat can tolerate the burden of 250lbs, which will be not exactly 18 rock, and like this, it is rather stable and inviting, as a result of the strong durable base and 5 pointed celebrity feet.

Along with having its own 5 smooth wheels, it’s going to easily slip over surfaces that are smooth and glide quite well on carpeting too. Additionally, it provides a complete 360 degrees, therefore in every, you obtain great maneuverability. Of course in the event the arm-rests ever feel like a hassle, then you may simply reverse up them out of this way.

5. Furmax Office Chair

Best Office Chairs Under $100

If you’re looking for a bargain, then here’s one for you. This one is priced very reasonably, well below $100. With this seat, you receive yourself a true thick padded seat and armrests that stay where they’re supposed to be.  The chair back is composed of a breathable mesh, and again is designed to provide lumbar support since you possibly sit.

This chair can keep the burden of 265 pounds, which will be nearly 19 stone, and as such it is extremely stable and inviting, thanks to the strong durable base and 5 pointed star feet.

Along with having its own 5 smooth wheels, it’s going to easily glide over surfaces that are smooth, and also glide quite well on carpet too. In addition, it provides a complete 360 degrees, therefore in all, you get great maneuverability.

And whilst it’s not made especially clear on the Amazon page, the seat height is adjustable. In addition, it has a nice, gentle rocking motion you’re able to make the most of if you that way. It’s available in 4 unique colors, a number of them quite striking and quite simple to identify in a crowded office.


Best Office Chair Under $100 Buying Guide

Chair Height

You need to put your office seat in view of the remainder of one’s work space, and in accordance with your height.

Whenever you buy an office chair on the web, the product measurements are provided to you the retailer’s internet site. So once you purchase, it’s excellent to own a tape measure handy so you can view for yourself how low or high a possible purchase is, relative to either ground and the desk or table.

You’ll be very happy to know that each of the office seats featured in our Top 5 picks all have an adjustable chair height, which is great if your chair tends to receive made by other men and women.

Thick cushioning for the chair

Office chairs may see many hours of usage, so relaxation is of the utmost importance. That is why we recommend opting for a seat with a thickly padded seat. You’ll locate this feature over all our Top 5 Picks.


There are times that you want to scooch up to the telephone or even the printer, and in such instances, you gain from a seat on smooth and reliable castors so that you can swivel and slip around with ease.

This is an especially common feature using office seats, and it’s because of this that each of the office chairs featured in our Top 5 picks is about casters.

And don’t worry office chairs on wheels very infrequently trick over. The chairs within our Top 5 selections such as all include a potent durable base using a 5 pointed star feet arrangement, which gives them real equilibrium.

Breathable Backrest Compared to Padded Padded Backrest

1 decision you will have to make is whether to go for a padded, more cushioned backrest, or alternatively, a backrest composed of a breathable net, to ensure that you and the seatbacks don’t get sweaty or sticky. This is a little personal choice and boils down to the heating requirements where you will be working.


Once you are using a mouse and mouse daily, it’s nice to sometimes rest your arms on an armrest. On the bright side yet, sometimes arm-rests may be in the way, and will even at times keep you from slipping the seat under the table or desk to clean around the workplace.

Inside our guide, we contained several chairs where the armrests are fixed to a place, and somewhere these arm rests can be reversed from their way, such as the ComHoma we showed you sooner.

Quality Fabrics

Office chairs find a lot of use, and also, for this reason, you should ensure, if possible, your chair is wear-resistant. You may even need your seat to become quite easy to wash. That means you will need decent quality upholstery onto the chair, such as for example PU leather or synthetic mesh, which provides both qualities.


Whether your workplace seat is meant for use in the provider office or at your home office, then you may want it to look the part, particularly if you want to perform any videoconferencing. At under $100, you can discover standard task seats with plenty of ergonomic capabilities. These seats will combine right into almost any office atmosphere.

Other Features

There certainly are a range of other features that you might also be thinking about. As an instance, when done correctly, the lumbar support provided by some office seats keeps your shoulders and pelvis in alignment, and the organic inward curvature of the lower spine is maintained. A couple of chairs we showed you sooner have this feature.

Some office chairs tilt backward just a little, that will be very good if you need to pause from the benefit an instant, and some may even rock back and on. A lean variety of 90 to 120 degrees is suitable for some office requirements. A couple of seats we showed you sooner have this particular feature.

Yet another feature which may be of attention is really a footrest. If your seat is marginally excessive even when adjusted, a footrest can relieve a number of their strain on your legs.

Customer Reviews

Always assess customer reviews before investing in a lower cost seat, or some other seat for this matter. By way of instance, although the specs, looks, and also general comfort features might be presented well, you can’t know about the product until it actually happens.

We check to make sure that the overall consensus is favorable. There may be a few mishaps, but the manufacturer ought to be responsive and require quality control seriously.

Plus, customer reviews of office chairs will probably give you a variety of opinions on how hard or just a chair is to construct. With a chair at under $100, assembly needs to be pretty straight forward. But always research your options.


You need an appropriate and supportive office chair that will assist you to get through the workday. Of course when your budget is tight, then it shouldn’t be a problem. There are plenty of great chairs, with nice padding, modern styling, and ergonomic attributes, at the lesser price point out there.

If you are looking to get a basic, relaxed, and professional-looking seat for less than $100, we uphold our very first choice: The AmazonBasic Puresoft Mid Back Office Chair. If you require something which’s slightly bit more modern and compact in the internet category, we enjoy the ComeHoma Desk Chair.

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