8 Best Gaming Chair Under $100 | Top Picks Of 2021

It’s not necessary to spend more than $100 on a budget gaming chair. There is plenty of affordable gaming chairs for under $100. However, many people search on sites like Google, Reddit, and forums for the ideal budget gaming chairs. Because of this, we’ve opted to compile an extensive list of those top gaming chairs under $100.

Only a few of these chairs were durable, comfortable, reliable, and of good quality after extensive research. All of these chairs are top-notch and should be considered if you are on the lookout for a budget gaming chair under $100.

8 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 | Top Picks

Best Gaming Chairs Under $100Check Price
1. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair Check Price
2. Merax Gaming Swivel Office Chair Check Price
3. Furmax Gaming Office Chair Check Price
4. Giantex Executive Racing Style Chair Check Price
5. Merax Upholstered Chair Check Price
6. X Rocker Dash 2.1 Wireless Chair Check Price
7. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Check Price
8. OFM Essentials Gaming Chair Check Price

1. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

Homall Executive Leather Gaming Chair is an excellent choice for affordable seating, especially when you think about its quality of construction. A high-density shaping foam for superior comfort and elasticity, along with a steel frame that is 1.8 millimeters thick for enhanced stability. In addition, it utilizes a skin-friendly PU leather cloth that is water-tight.

The gaming chair utilizes an elevator of class-3 gas that is certified by SGS. It is also equipped with caster wheels that have been meticulously tested to stay as quiet as brand-new after being rolled for more than 1000 miles.

The durability and strength of the materials used in the construction of this gaming seat make it have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. However, it’s not just durable or stable, but it’s also feature-packed.

This gaming chair features up to 180 degrees of recline, with rocking functions, as well as 360-degree swivels and multi-directional chairs.

2. Merax Gaming Swivel Office Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

Compared to DXRacer or even AKRacing, Merax is a relatively unknown brand, but the manufacturer’s services and products meet players’ demands for high quality gaming seats at a sensible price. When you purchase a seat, you intend to utilize it for more than a few years. Even if you obtain a modest budget, you can still purchase the best furniture that compares well to its competitor. Let us discuss the Merax high-back seat advantages and disadvantages.

To keep your body in the correct position, the Merax High back straight seat comes with a cushion configured to support your lumbar, shoulders, and head. The brain and eye cushions permit your best relaxation throughout a marathon gaming session.

The most significant feature of the Merax high-back seat is that it offers supple and supportive assistance throughout the spine. The straight back size is 3 3 inches in height, making the seat acceptable for users up to 6 feet tall.

In case you’re a big guy looking for a durable budget gaming seat, the Merax gaming seat may be ideal for you so long as your weight is in the 300-pound range. See our guide or our Merax gaming seat reviews.

Along with the cushions, the seat is covered with PU leather, which is extremely easy to clean. The leather has the advantage of not absorbing sweat and body oils. The armrests aren’t cushioned, but that is not a con but more of a personal preference.

3. Furmax Gaming Office Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

The Furmax version may be your cheapest PC gaming seat within our list. It costs as much as a family lunch at TGI Friday’s but does not let the low price confuse you. The chair was created in a way that ensures maximum spine support all through the long hours spent in the front of this PC. The top rear soft leather and the bucket seat further aid your relaxation.

The arm rests are padded, which means that you may break the hands while gaming and choose between a variety of sitting places. The chair’s rocking backward and forwards capacities allow it to be a comfy thing of furniture which would satisfy the needs of all PC gamers.

The Furmax seat supports a max weight of 280 lbs. The height is adjustable and the swiveling wheels facilitate the movement across various surfaces.

4. Giantex Executive Racing Style Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

At a first glimpse, the Giantex model is just a no-thrills seat that, like the majority of its competitors, does dual duty — it is acceptable for home office and gaming atmosphere. Nothing mad. Thus, what made me include it at the list of the best PC gaming seats under 100?

The truth is that a buddy of mine was so enthusiastic for having found such an amazing deal, that he encouraged me to come over to drink a few sweet beers, play some 1 v 1 StarCraft, and see what’s the fuss all about.

The ergonomic spine ensures great aid; the seat is flexible. Assembling itself doesn’t appear time-consuming or complicated. Once you construct the seat, you are going to see how amazingly soft the padding is. The cushioning is thicker compared to what mesh seats offer. The armrests are padded too.

The weight capacity is 264lbs, the PU leather is very simple to clean and doesn’t absorb sweat and body oils. There must be a good reason why the chair has been given an A grade on certain websites which enable customers to render unapologetically rude comments about products. I didn’t stumble upon one negative comment.

To cut a long story short, the Giantex chair is a wonderful budget-friendly option for everybody who wishes to prevent backache when working or gambling.

5. Merax Upholstered Lazy Sofa Floor Sofa Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

Maybe you have wanted to get a PC gaming chair that’s so versatile you could take a nap and wake up refreshed and more determined than ever to become Dark Souls ace even when this means a few more deaths.

The Homall seat is made of premium-class leather and the reclining mechanism is one of its huge-selling things. The immunity will be adjustable to your body weight. To put it differently, the seat goes just as it finds pressure on it. If you operate, the castors secure instantly. The height can be flexible, so even if you are more than average, the Homall Executive chair would fit you perfectly.

Concerning design, the seat can be a fearsome rival to some of the most established brands available on the market. It is designed with a head rest pillow as well as a lumbar pillow. Even the body-hugging high back ensures divine comfort and keeps the dreadful backache and stiffness.

6. X Rocker Dash 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

The V Rocker has been an extremely portable seat every single console gamer could fall in love with. Despite being a budget, it’s its own personal surround speakers and its particular control panel. The V Rocker has an ergonomic layout and will be offering full back service. The materials it consists of are heavy duty mesh and vinyl, therefore its maintenance needs to really be quite a no brainer.

The V Rocker comes with a radio audio transmitter, in addition to two speakers on either side and something subwoofer in the rear. The control panel enables you to correct the amount and the bass. The seat can be an area saver, so because you can just fold it for those who never desire it.

The Rocker is one of my favorites along with the sole design error I found is that the dearth of arm rests. Having said this, perhaps not everybody feels comfortable holding control and setting their fingers on the arm rests. The seat is also, undoubtedly, a feature piece of furniture that will not arrive with a ridiculous price tag.

7. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

We have a fresh competitor within the following guide, and the competition could be your Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Seat. With a trendy”snakey” appearance to it covered in breathable top PU leather, it’s been given the next area inside our checklist.

It poses itself using quality PU mute brakes which claim to continue to keep the rolling silent, a solid foundation, and ergonomic head-rests, and a flexible lumbar pillow to provide additional comfort for extended gaming sessions.

Just 1 special color is just under $100 (price abstract to alter ) which is the Red & Black one exhibited in the photo above. It is actually a really good looking seat that offers quality and that is well worth mentioning.

8. OFM Essentials Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100Perhaps not the very gaming-racing-looking chair round, in the 6th area we have the Basics Gaming Chair. Avoid being torn away by the looks of this not every great thing always arrives in an amazing looking package.

It is among the most comfortable in our list having contoured segmented cushioning, incorporated padded headrest, and cushioned arms being around covered in SofThread Leather.

The seat is built for long-lasting use and in a manner that was significant. Even tho the seat doesn’t have a headrest or lumbar support cushion they are integral to the chair, the back-side of it’s more curved than the prior seats.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Gaming Chair

Rocker Gaming Chairs

Rocker gaming seats have no wheels or legs. They sit right on to the floor and they’re the favorite kind of chairs to games gamers. Even the rocker style gaming seats have been L shaped and offer the much-needed back service when you play with on your Xbox One or PS4.

The fanciest among them are packaged with cool features like stereo input signal, built-in speakers and wireless connection, etc.. However, in the event that you are more concerned about comfort instead of the availability of advanced options, you may narrow down your search to the ideal console gaming chairs under 100, and also you will surely find a model that meets your needs.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs

Rocker gaming seats have no legs or wheels. They sit right on to the floor and they’re the favorite kind of chairs to games gamers. Even the rocker style gaming chairs have been L-shaped and provide the much-needed straight back support once you play with your Xbox One or PS4.

The fanciest included in this is packed with cool features such as stereo input signal, integrated speakers and wireless connectivity, etc. However, if you are more concerned with comfort rather than access to advanced features, you can limit your search to the ideal console gaming chairs under 100, and also you will surely find a model that meets your needs.

Pedestal Gaming Seats

Pedestal gaming chairs are very similar to rockers in terms of design, however they sit higher off the floor and swivel.

Racer Gaming Seats

As their name suggests, racer gaming chairs will be most suitable for fans of racing games. They have pedals, a steering wheel, and a shift knob or permit you to hook your own controls should you have the essential racing equipment.

PC Gaming Seats

PC gaming seats are much like the normal office seats, however, they’re more tailored for gaming. The cheapest models possess a headrest, comfortable armrests, a rear pad, and extra side support to guarantee your comfort during long gaming marathons.

Things to Consider When Picking a Gaming Chair?

Supreme quality materials:- take notice of this pay material, conductive cloth, the bottoms of this PC gaming seat
Ergonomics — You will devote a few hours per day sitting on your seat, so be certain that it will ensure maximum relaxation. Start looking for flexible height; flexible backrest; bench thickness; cushioned arm rests even though the latter is an issue of personal taste; Might it be suited to big guys (just how many pounds is the most weight capacity); does it consume moisture (in case you perspire too far )

Space saving variable:- In the event, the limited distance is an issue, you should contemplate a cushioned seat or even a seat with measurements that fit your gambling area.

System compatibility:- In case you are able to afford to pay a lot more than $100 to get a gambling seat, you may truly have a great deal of higher-level features available. Ensure that you assess whether the seat you’ve eyed is harmonious with your gambling console.

Can it be value for money:- Regardless of if you’re a budget-conscious person trying to find the ideal bargain deal or you also would like to acquire the fanciest gaming seat now in life, make certain to receive what you purchase. For those who have narrowed your search into the ideal gaming seat under 100, then you want to realize that manufacturers focus chiefly on relaxation and aesthetics. The greater your allowance is more, the heightened features your seat is going to have.

Often Asked Questions Regarding Gaming Chair

Can’t I Utilize my office chair for a gaming chair?

The main reason people like and desire gaming chairs is that in basic terms, they have been way better for gamers compared to regular office chairs.

Gaming seats and office chairs are designed to give you more comfort and support for several hours but gaming chairs possess something office seats don’t usually possess, and that’s adjustability.

Gaming chairs often arrive with way more adjustable parts that will help the gamer discover the very best position to allow him to own the best in-game controller.

Should I buy a Gaming Chair?

It is different. You’re the only person that could supply the ultimate answer to this.

However, if you’re sitting for multiple hours every single day playing matches and you also find yourself in an embarrassing position multiple times each day then, our advice is always to spoil yourself with your gaming chair.

Do not forget that gaming seats aren’t just designed for desks, there are several kinds of gaming chairs such as the people designed to be set on the ground.

Are gaming chair comfortable?

Yes, gaming seats have been manufactured to be more comfortable.

Lots of men and women believe gaming seats are only”cool toys” kiddies want because they seem to be racing chairs but that is incorrect, at all. Gaming seats offer you a high amount of adjustability, fantastic lumbar and head service, and also a huge enough cushioned angle for one to discover the ideal position within it.

Are gaming chairs worth it?

We all had to say previously about gambling seats, how can someone think that they are not worth every penny?

Please be aware that purchasing a new and fine seat won’t eventually address all of your spine pain issues. For it to occur you also have to own an excellent sitting position.

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